Celebrating 70 Years!!!!

Lee & Rick's opened in 1950, as a 9 stool establishment which only served oysters. Lee & rick ran the restaurant out front, and raised their family in the back portion, which served as their home. Beverages consisted of whatever you brought in to drink, which Lee kept cold for you in her ice box. Today Lee & Rick's is operated by their oldest son and his family, continuing the tradition of this family run establishment. Vital to Lee & Rick's longevity is friendly personalized service, quality of food and maintaining the reputation as a local favorite.

Today, the famous concrete shucking bar totals 80 feet in length, seating up to 50 people is a spectacle of delight as oysters are individually shucked for your entertainment, as well as an assurance of their freshness.

Lee & Rick's was the first restaurant of it's kind to be opened in Central Florida. Rick, being a sailor had seen Oyster Bars in his travels around the coast of Florida and especially in the Panhandle where he himself had shucked oysters as a child. The restaurant was an instant success and just through word of mouth, quickly became known as "the only place", for fresh oysters. Rick found himself making weekly trips to Apalachicola in his pickup truck just to supply oysters for his thriving restaurant.


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